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Deposit for 1 of 2 Guest, Sharing Stateroom (Each Guest Paying Separately)
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Travel Protection Insurance is included in this Booking- Do You wish to keep this protection? (Approx 5% of Total)
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Price: $50.00
Availability: Deposit for 1 of 2 Guests Sharing Stateroom


IMPORTANT! The amount shown is your deposit only for YOUR SHARE of a stateroom, based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. You are responsible for providing us with a companion who is joining you, or you will be charged the double occupancy rate (as if two).


  Balcony Stateroom

  $1,072 per person











  Inside Stateroom

  $757 per person










Rates for all staterooms include our private group functions, all port charges, travel protection, taxes and government fees.

Your payment will be charged to your credit card, within 48 hours.  A second payment of $250 will be charged on or about July 24, 2017.  On the week of October 7, 2017 your final balance due will  be charged to your credit card.  It will appear on your invoice and credit card statement as Norwegian Cruise Lines or Jordan Travel Enterprise.  The Insurance may be billed separately as TravelSafe Insurance.

NOTE: Payments (other than insurance) are only REFUNDABLE up to 90 days prior to travel, less the $50 per person deposit, which may be covered if you accepted the Vacation Travel Protection Insurance.  Cancellations after final payment is made are subject to SEVERE PENALTIES up to the full cost of the event.  Travel Protection is highly recommended in the event of last minute illness, accident or family emergency.  This will protect your investment from loss.