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So, You Want to be a Group Leader!

We love planning and arranging groups!  Whether you want to host a group cruise or land-based retreat at a special destination, we can arrange everything.

If you are a large or small business, an association or other organization, or an individual wanting to travel with family, friends, or associates, we can arrange the perfect getaway for you and your group.  All the details will be taken care of and pulled together seamlessly.

Why host a group?

In addition to bringing tremendous fun, group trips and cruises can generate a significant amount of good will, friendship, camaraderie, well-being, charitable contributions, personal contacts, and business, depending on your goals for the event.

As the group leader, you can earn amenities for yourself, possibly a complimentary trip, and potentially earn revenue for your business or cause, while spending an enjoyable vacation with friends, family, colleagues, clients, or association members, and enjoying the spotlight on a successful event.  You’ll get to be the star of the show, while we do all the work in the background, supporting you as the guru of your event.  You can, of course, share the spotlight with other colleagues, experts, and sponsors.  We encourage you to be creative and expansive in thinking about the kind of group you’d like to create.

What kinds of groups can we set up?

Here are some ideas for group trips that we can arrange for you:

Based on our specialties:

  • Cooking lessons
  • Culinary tours (specific destinations & cuisines, chocolate, etc)
  • Guest chef cruises
  • Holistic health programs
  • Spa weekends
  • Missionary journeys
  • Sports and fitness programs
  • Yoga retreats

Other wonderful programs:

  • Art and photography tours
  • Business-building and networking events
  • Caregivers or healthcare practitioners cruises or retreats
  • Craft or hobby cruises or seminars
  • Class or family reunions
  • Corporate seminars or incentive trips
  • Dance cruises
  • Destination weddings and vow renewals
  • Fundraising cruises or tours
  • Girlfriend or guy getaways
  • Add yours, if you don’t see it here

Of course, we’ll look for special culinary or wellness experiences that you might like, even if your group is based on a completely different theme.  That can mean, for example, making sure your resort has a quality restaurant and spa, or arranging a special dinner or health-related workshop or outing for your group.  Whatever the theme, we’ll design the experience together with you, based on your needs, wishes, and budget.

What we’ll do

  • Consult with you to determine what you want and how we can help
  • Design the group experience with you, including costs and pricing
  • Develop a marketing plan and schedule
  • Provide a group web site with opt-in and 24-hour online automated booking capabilities
  • Create a public or private Facebook page or other forum for the group to communicate
  • Provide promotional materials and systems to help you generate interest and bookings
  • Coordinate all arrangements, activities, and personnel to make sure your event runs smoothly
  • Oversee payments and any cancellations and refunds that may be due
  • Provide materials, gifts, and rewards, as appropriate, for your guests who participate
  • Help you plan and announce the next one!

Your responsibilities

As a group leader, you are responsible for co-designing the program, promoting and selling it through your contact network and other channels, making sure your guests feel welcome and taken care of, serving as master of ceremonies and other appropriate roles (speaker, performer, coach or team educator, for example), and being accessible as the primary contact for our agency.  In addition, it is essential for you to get a commitment from someone who can fill in for you if you are unable to complete your responsibilities or lead the trip because of illness or emergency.

What to do now

1.  Consider what kind of group you’d like to host, and who your guests will be.

2.  Choose whether you’d like to host a group cruise or land-based event.

3.  Click one of the links below to tell us about yourself and your ideas.  If you’re not sure, just choose one and include comments about what you’d like to accomplish.  We’ll be glad to make recommendations.

·          Tell us about your prospective RETREAT & EVENT PLANNING group event

·          Tell us about your prospective CRUISE or ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT group event

We’ll get back to you soon to let you know if your group qualifies.  Feel free to review our PLAN TO GO AGREEMENT for Groups.