About Us
Jordan Travel Enterprise

Hello, We are Eva Jordan-Johnson and Sam Johnson
Our passion is to design seamless and memorable group travel experiences
where your clients feel more pampered and cared for than ever before in their life.
Helping Trainers, Coaches and Business Leaders avoid being overwhelmed with 
logistics, scheduling and planning their group travel events. 
We have the pleasure of working with successful businesses to create exotic group 
travel events that make their clients or employees say, “Wow I love working with 
this company. They sure know how to take care of us, as an integral part of 
I love helping businesses increase client and customer loyalty.
We are Accredited Cruise Counselors with Cruise Line International Association,
Certified Group Event Travel Specialist
Authors of the new book, “Hosting Group Events in Paradise - The Ultimate Guide for
Coaches and Business Leaders.” (Available on Amazon.com)  and we're 
 an IATAN registered travel agency.
When we're not assisting clients to embark on amazing travel adventures we 
can be found biking, catching the latest action or adventure movie or bowling.
Another top priority is enjoying family time with our two grownup sons and lovely
We love to travel, and a few new places on our bucket list are Italy, Scotland, Fiji and
We are passionate about serving on mission projects to Africa, having led teams on 
half dozen trips to both Ethiopia and South Africa.
Here are a few more interesting things you may like to know about us…
- Eva is 4’10” and loves when people think she is a lot younger than she really is.
- Sam is a techie and an inventor at heart
- We lived in 7 different states and have enjoyed each one 
- We met in Brooklyn, New York  (“Brooklyn in da house”)
Work with us, play with us - right this second by requesting our FREE gift:
The Pre-Travel Checklist - Don’t leave home without it.